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Frequently asked questions

What is Tiered and how does it work?

Tiered is a personalized, data-driven career coaching tool. It evaluates your career across five core factors, offers peer comparisons and rankings, and delivers tailored recommendations aimed at accelerating your career growth.

What is the Jump or Stay Score

The 'Jump or Stay' score, offered by Tiered, is a unique and actionable metric designed to evaluate your career and current position. It effectively guides you in deciding whether to seek new job opportunities or to stay and continue developing your experience and credentials. This score provides a clear recommendation, aiding you in making informed decisions about your career trajectory.

Why did we build Tiered?

Tiered was developed to address the challenges of modern career landscapes, which include longer working lifespans, evolving work environments (like remote and hybrid models), increased employee mobility, rapid technological changes, and the overwhelming number of career options. Our goal is to provide clear, personalized guidance for navigating these complexities, enabling individuals to make informed decisions about their career paths.

How do I sign up for Tiered?

Users can sign up on the Tiered website by creating an account with their email and personal details.

Is there a fee for using Tiered?

Tiered offers plans to suit everyone's needs. A subscription is perfect for users that want to track their career rank over time to ensure they always stay one step ahead and a one-time fee is perfect for users who just want a snapshot of where they stand today and advice to make their next move.

What kind of career advice does Tiered provide?

Tiered provides personalized career advice, including salary insights, career path recommendations, and educational guidance.

How does Tiered's AI-driven industry ranking system function?

Tiered uses AI to analyze market data and user provided information to rank industries and suggest career paths.

How does the 'Jump or Stay Score' guide my career decisions?

The 'Jump or Stay Score' at is a personalized metric that analyzes your career trajectory and current job satisfaction, offering clear, data-driven guidance on whether to pursue new opportunities or grow in your current role.

What types of industries and roles does Tiered cater to?

Tiered caters to a wide range of industries and roles, offering relevant advice and insights for diverse career paths.

How does Tiered connect me with recruiters?

Tiered provides direct connections to top recruiters, aligning your career goals with industry needs.

How is my personal data used and protected by Tiered?

At, we use your personal data to enhance your user experience and provide tailored career guidance, while ensuring its protection through strict encryption, access control, and adherence to data protection laws. Your privacy and security are our top priorities, as detailed in our comprehensive Privacy Policy.

What are the system requirements for using Tiered?

Tiered is accessible via web browsers on most devices, with no specific system requirements mentioned.

How do I customize my Tiered profile for maximum impact?

Users can customize their profile with personal details, career goals, and preferences for more tailored recommendations.

Can I access Tiered from multiple devices?

Yes, Tiered can be accessed from various devices, allowing users to manage their career paths on-the-go.

What kind of customer support does Tiered offer?

Tiered offers customer support through email, chat, and a comprehensive knowledge base for user inquiries.

How often is the market data on Tiered updated?

Tiered frequently updates its market data to provide the most current and relevant career insights.

Are there any success stories or testimonials from Tiered users?

Yes, Tiered features success stories and testimonials on its website, showcasing real user experiences.

How can I provide feedback or suggest features for Tiered?

We welcome your feedback and feature suggestions via our online feedback form or directly at, as your input is invaluable in shaping the future of

What is Tiered's refund and cancellation policy?

Tiered's refund and cancellation policies are detailed on the website, offering flexibility and transparency to users.

How do I troubleshoot issues with the Tiered app?

For troubleshooting, users can refer to the help section on the Tiered website or contact customer support for assistance.

What training or learning resources does Tiered offer?

Tiered offers various resources and tools to enhance career skills and knowledge, suitable for different career stages.

How can I track my career progress using Tiered?

Tiered provides features to monitor career development and assess progress against personal and industry benchmarks.

Does Tiered offer any tools for resume building or interview preparation?

Tiered includes tools and advice for creating effective resumes and preparing for job interviews.

Are there networking opportunities available through Tiered?

Tiered offers networking opportunities by connecting users with industry professionals and recruiters.

How does Tiered ensure the accuracy of its industry and salary data?

Tiered uses reliable sources and continuous updates to maintain the accuracy of its industry and salary data.

Can I set specific career goals within the Tiered platform?

Yes, users can set and track specific career goals within Tiered, aligning with their individual aspirations.

How does Tiered personalize its recommendations and insights?

Tiered personalizes recommendations using AI algorithms that consider user profiles, goals, and market trends.

Is there a community or forum for Tiered users to interact?

Tiered may offer a community or forum for user interaction, fostering a network of professionals and peers.

How does Tiered handle user feedback and feature requests?

Tiered actively incorporates user feedback and suggestions to enhance and update its features and services.

Are there any geographic restrictions for using Tiered?

Tiered is generally accessible worldwide, but some features may vary based on geographic location.

How can I manage notifications and alerts on Tiered?

Users can manage notifications and alerts in the settings section of the Tiered platform.

Does Tiered offer any discounts or promotions?

Tiered may offer discounts or promotions periodically, which are usually announced on the website or via newsletters.

How secure is my payment information on Tiered?

Tiered ensures high security for payment information, complying with standard encryption and data protection practices.

Can I export my data and analysis from Tiered?

Tiered likely allows data export, enabling users to keep a record of their career analysis and progress.

How frequently does Tiered release updates or new features?

Tiered regularly updates its platform and features, ensuring users have access to the latest tools and data.

What is the policy for data retention and deletion on Tiered?

Tiered adheres to standard data retention policies, allowing users to request data deletion as per privacy regulations.

How can I share my success story or testimonial on Tiered?

Users can share their success stories or testimonials through the Tiered website or directly with the customer service team.

What languages is Tiered available in?

Tiered is primarily available in English, with potential for other language options based on user demand.

Can Tiered assist with work visa or international job applications?

Tiered may offer guidance on international career opportunities, but specific visa assistance should be confirmed.

How do I deactivate, close or delete my Tiered account?

Users can deactivate or delete their Tiered account through the settings menu or by contacting customer support via email