About Us - Empowering You to Get Paid What You Deserve.

At Tiered, we believe everyone deserves to navigate their career with confidence and clarity.

Born from a need to simplify the complex and often overwhelming career journey, Tiered is an AI-driven career advisor designed to offer personalized guidance and insights. We are committed to empowering professionals to make informed decisions, reach their full potential, and thrive in a dynamic job market.

Tiered stands as a beacon of innovation in career development. Our platform harnesses the power of advanced artificial intelligence to analyze the ever-changing job market trends and individual career trajectories. This unique approach enables us to provide tailored advice that resonates with each user's aspirations and skills. We're not just about finding a job; we're about carving a path that leads to career satisfaction and longevity. At Tiered, your professional growth is our mission, and we strive to be the trusted companion on your journey towards achieving career excellence and fulfillment.

Our Story

The idea for Tiered emerged from the recognition of modern career challenges: rapid technological advancements, evolving work environments, and an overabundance of career choices. We noticed people struggling to compare themselves to peers, understand their worth, and make strategic career moves. Our solution, driven by AI, integrates personal data with market insights to provide actionable advice and strategies for career advancement. We created Tiered to be your data-driven compass, helping navigate the complexities of modern careers and unlocking your potential at every step.

Join our team

Join a team that's revolutionizing career development. At Tiered, we're always on the lookout for innovative minds passionate about using technology to enhance career journeys. If you share our vision of empowering individuals through AI-driven guidance, we'd love to hear from you.

We offer a dynamic, collaborative work environment where creativity and individual growth are valued. Interested in being part of our mission? Reach out to us at team@tiered.app with your resume and a brief overview of how you can contribute to our team or visit our careers page. Let's build a brighter career future together!